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Logo of MINCA project

MINCA: MItigation of Nitrogen pollution at CAtchment scale

Funded by: German Research Foundation (DFG)
Funding period: 2019 – 2022

Dr. David Kraus (KIT IMK-IFU)
Elizabeth Wangari Gachibu (KIT IMK-IFU)
Dr. Tobias Houska (JL University Giessen)

Department of Landscape Ecology and Resources Management, Justus-Liebig University, Gießen

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Setup of automated measuring system at IBAN field site near Niederselters

IBAN: Integrative assessment of N turnover processes for optimizing nitrogen efficiency

IBAN project investigates the impact of nitrogen management on all environmentally relevant reactive nitrogen compounds, including N2, providing a substantial increase in knowledge with the objective of improving nutrient efficiency.

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Logo of NIFROCLIM project

The Sino-German NIFROCLIM project aims at a holistic, process-based and functional understanding of the gross nitrogen turnover as well as associated nitrous oxide (N2O) emissions regarding the main ecosystems in the permafrost region of Northeast China.

It is jointly funded by DFG and NSFC and involves several institutes and disciplines, including soil biogeochemistry (Michael Dannenmann, KIT-IMK/IFU), atmospheric physics (Chunyan Liu, IAP-CAS), soil science (Carsten W. Mueller, University of Copenhagen) and microbiology (Michael Schloter, TUM+Helmholtz Zentrum München).

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Logo of MOPGA project

MOPGA: Make Our Planet Great Again: reactive Nitrogen

This project investigates the relationships between food production, fertilizer use and climate change. It particularly focusses on the effects of land use and farming on the exchange of greenhouse gases between soils, plants and the atmosphere. The aim is to develop strategies for producing larger volumes of food at a lower environmental cost.

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Logo of Wascal project

UPSCALERS project is an innovative research-for-development projected aimed at integrating climate, crop, and livestock systems to achieve the maximum benefits.

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Logo of NIVEP project

NIVEP: Minimizing Nitrogen Environmental Impacts in Intensive Greenhouse Vegetable Production Systems of China

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Logo of project 'ResidueGas'

ResidueGas will document an improved methodology to quantify N2O emissions from agricultural crop residues management. ResidueGas will further identify and communicate best practice for crop residue management strategies with respect to their net greenhouse gas effect in terms of N2O emissions and SOC storage.

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Floodplain forest at the Danube

Title: FloodFlux: Detecting greenhouse gas emissions in floodplain forests

Funding: The Climate and Energy Fund Austria under the Austrian Climate Research Programme. An Initiative of the Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology

Start date: 2017

End date: 2020

Dr. David Kraus
PD. Dr. Ralf Kiese

Project header EcoPotential

ECOPOTENTIAL: improving future ecosystem benefits through earth observations 

Funding: European Commission (EU)

start date: 2015

end date: 2019


PD Dr. Ralf Kiese

Dr. David Kraus